Contract Administration


We work to ensure that clients receive the optimum performance from service providers. Contract administration is a critical tool used by companies to get the most out of agreement terms that take so much effort to negotiate! 


  • Key Performance Indicators: Develop metrics for evaluating and documenting specific contractual services and supplier performance.


  • Performance Reporting: Enhance Project Management decision making with monitoring reports.  

  •  Change Order Management: Avoid disputes and claims by documenting every step of your change order process. 

Document Control


Herbert Project Solutions can manage your document control system for creation, organization, and storage of documents.  We focus on  key components so crucial to  develop an easily accessible directory of project records. 

  • Searchability:  full text search capability and strong browsing software make for easier retrieval

  • Classification: standardized file naming conventions  and catologues  

  • Integration Across Platforms:  Develop processes that work across a variety of systems —old and new; hard copy and electronic.

Project Closure


Reduce the risk of suppliers, contractors and clients disputing the accuracy and status of your accounts. Do this well, and when your project is audited in the future, it will have a clean bill of health!

  • Verify Acceptance of Project Deliverables:  analyze the KPIs to develop a comprehensive Acceptance Document. 

  • Document Open Issues :  changing conditions affect the project scope. We help you to develop a resolution plan for each open issue that remains 

  • Financial Closure : review final invoices from suppliers and sub-contractors to close out the projects.  

  • Lessons Learned & Process Improvements- collect insights from various stakeholders to create a process improvement report.